Garden Cafe

For several years the Garden Café in Holly Springs has been feeding hundreds of  hungry young families and the elderly with a home cooked meal once a week. Sadly, the demand is increasing and the staff has now increased the evening meal to two nights a week. Fortunately we have the volunteers to handle the extra meal but securing enough food is always a challenge. Now, you can help!

The Garden Café gets its name from the large garden whose bounty supplies the fresh vegetables for these vital meals. We have the land and the volunteer help to cultivate the garden but we would ask your help with some much needed supplies:

  • Hand Tool Set for planting and weeding... $20
  • Mulch Fork... $35
  • Garden Spade... $61
  • Seed and Plant settings... $85
  • 100 foot hose...  $87

We would be so blessed if someone stepped forward to help us construct a greenhouse where we could plant and nurture seedlings earlier in the year...$2,600

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