Our Mission

to be a witness to the all-inclusive love of God
revealed in the Sacred Heart of Jesus
to be a voice of compassion for people in need
to be steadfast in our work for social justice


Our History

Fr. Flanagan

When Father Flanagan, SCJ, was named the pastor of St. Joseph's Church in 1943, he was the first Catholic priest to live in Holly Springs in 65 years!
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Sacred Heart Church was built and dedicated in 1944 to serve the needs of the small Catholic community in Walls, Mississippi.
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Responding to the need for quality education for African-Americans, Saint Mary School was founded in Holly Springs in 1947. Sacred Heart School in Walls and Saint Joseph School in Holly Springs soon followed.
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The Sacred Heart Auto League was founded in 1955 to promote prayerful careful driving on our nation's highways.
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From the earliest days, the Sisters provided food and clothing to the poor from the doors of their convents. In 1970, Sr. Ida Mitten, OSF, was hired as our first full time social service minister, visiting the poor in their homes.
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Until the early 90s, the substandard housing in our area was seen as beyond the ability of Sacred Heart Southern Missions to address. Putting together a variety of funding, including grants, HUD loans and tax credits, we were able to build Dehon Village, a planned unit development of 38 rental homes.
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