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Quite the transformation! In just a few days, Kelly’s kitchen went from awful to amazing! The fresh white cabinets will give her tons of storage and a clean place to cook. The donated stove will enable her to once again make hot meals for her family.

Volunteers Swing Into Action


New sheetrock goes in place before the
cabinets can be installed.



Volunteers from St. John’s College High
School stopped to visit the old church
in Holly Springs before working at the
Garden Cafe.

St. John’s College High School students were busy last week helping to finish up work at several jobsites. The seven teens and two sponsors divided their time and team between two client projects, disaster cleanup and working at the Garden Café.

During the first few days of the week, while part of the group was in Lake Cormorant finishing up construction of a closet, painting, building steps and a handrail, the other half went to Kelly’s trailer in Horn Lake to assist with kitchen renovations. After spending some time evaluating the property, it was discovered that the stove and refrigerator did not work, the cabinets we falling off the walls and there was a significant bug problem. The family has relied on a crockpot and single eye hot plate for their cooked meals since they moved in last summer. No place to store it, perishable food was acquired on an as needed basis.

Sacred Heart volunteers to the rescue! Within a matter of just a few hours, the students from St. John’s had gutted Kelly’s kitchen, given it a hefty dose of bug killer and began prepping for brand new cabinets and a new vinyl floor. Our Home Depot donations once again proved indispensable for the project, not to mention the community donation of a stove.

One of the volunteers, quite taken with the client and her family said, “We worked hard but it was fulfilling. I had a good encounter with Kelly.”

By the end of the week, the walls were framed and cabinets had been painted and set in place. In fact, the whole house was cleaned and laundry was washed and put away. All who worked at Kelly’s home said that they had a great sense of accomplishment. Kelly was equally taken with all that had been done, brushing back tears and softly repeating, “thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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