The Way of Light: An Easter Devotion

Way of Light

Similar to the Way of the Cross [Via Crucis], the Way of Light [Via Lucis] is a devotion known since the first century, but the Roman Catholic Church only formally adopted it at the start of the Jubilee Year 2000. In 14 stations, based on the gospel stories of the resurrection, a person can follow prayerfully in the footsteps of the risen Christ and his disciples.

As someone who shares in the ministry of Sacred Heart Southern Missions through your prayers and generosity, you may be interested in praying the Way of Light using short, one-minute meditations by the founder of the Priests of the Sacred, Fr. Leo John Dehon, SCJ.

These meditations will be on our website each Tuesday and Thursday throughout the Easter season (April 18 June 1). Or for your convenience we will email them to you twice each week. Click on the link to be included in the email:

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