Young Men's Retreat Yields Huge Results


Twenty-two young men from five of our parishes participated in the Young Men’s Service Retreat a few weeks ago. The teens worked for a solid week in the Mississippi heat and humidity on two challenging projects.

Erecting an eight-foot privacy/security fence and gate at the Volunteer House in Holly Springs was first on the list. Another group of volunteers had begun the fencing a few weeks earlier, setting posts and affixing a number of pickets. It was up to the young men to complete the task. By week’s end, the job was complete and our Volunteer House was secure.

Another daunting project was the roof and back porch of a mission client. This was no small feat—the pictures speak for themselves. The home had fallen into disrepair after many years of financial hardship. Several large set-backs took a toll on the family’s finances. There was simply no money left to make repairs after paying bills. Thanks to the leadership of Fr. Thi Pham, SCJ, and the talented chaperones Lee Smith, Sal Galtelli and Bob Johnson, the teens were able to transform a leaking,disintegrating roof and porch.

The mission is so blessed to have such generous volunteers. The hope that is given to our clients is immeasurable and the work that is accomplished is simply incredible. Great job, guys! The Young Women’s Retreat is in full swing, so watch for more great before and after pictures soon!

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