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Like so many in the rural Mississippi Delta, Sherry’s tiny home had fallen into major disrepair. The dilapidated house, like most homes of the rural poor, lacks central heat and air.

The tiny structure was built eight decades ago and it seemed that every minute showed. The tin roof was riddled with holes, funneling a small waterfall into her bedroom each time it rained. The ceiling in the home’s only bathroom had also given way.

The sink hung precariously from the wall at an angle. The hole in the floor was a gateway for all types of vile country critters.

The damp nature of the home was also a breeding ground for mold and rot, creating an unhealthy situation. The laundry closet had lost much of its paneling, leaving shreds of what used to be insulation spilling out. Paint flaked off nearly every wall and ceiling, like the bark of river birch trees say nothing of the floors, which rolled like waves throughout every room.

Often the dire living conditions of the poor are quite shocking. One of our volunteers remarked, “It is unbelievable that anyone could be living like this in the U.S. in 2019.”

As bad as it is, this is the only home Sherry has ever known. Her father passed away years ago after a long illness. She helped take care of him during his last years. Now, with no other living relatives, cats are her only companions.

Although 60 years old, Sherry has a child-like innocence. Born with disabilities, she doesn’t give in to her challenges. Her handicap alone creates a challenge when managing her bills, but her tiny disability check and $24 per month in food stamps make meeting daily expenses even more daunting. There was simply no money for home repairs.

We are so blessed that a great many have responded to our call for volunteers. Six groups came during spring break to help with our many projects, including Sherry’s home.

The compassion and concern of partners-in-mission like you, aided by the willing hands and hearts of our volunteers, accomplishes much.

We are excited to report that the necessary repairs to make Sherry’s home more livable are now complete. The roof was repaired and sealed and the damage to interior ceilings caused by the leaks was also fixed. Sherry’s bathroom was re-framed and given a complete overhaul. Nearly every inch of the home was cleaned, painted and shored up. We were even able to replace Sherry’s tattered mattress and box springs with new donated ones. All of these wonderful things were made possible through the generous support of donors like you, in coordination with our volunteer program.

On behalf of Sherry, and all those whom your generosity serves… Thank you!

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