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Back to School

Little GirlUnique and colorful masks are a part of the ‘new uniform’ for this school year.

CafeteriaAs one of the safety measures implemented this year, students eat lunch in their classrooms.

ClassroomMasks, sanitizers and stickers weren’t the only changes noticed this school year. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, those students who chose on-campus learning at Holy Family were treated to some exciting improvements to the building and classrooms.

Holy Family School opened the the 2020-2021 school year, offering both in-person and virtual learning options to families. The staff members at both of our schools have worked hard on lesson plans throughout the summer to help assure parents that in whatever learning path they chose to enroll their children, the teachers would be more than equipped to provide the students with a high-quality Catholic education.

The first day of school looked and sounded a lot different than in previous years for the children at Holy Family School. Typically on the first day of class, especially for younger students, parents would walk their kids to their classrooms. Due to new guidelines, however, that was not possible as school began this year. In a scene that will play out on a daily basis for the foreseeable future, students’ temperatures were taken before they entered the building for their first day of school; many waving goodbye at the front door.

Parents, children and teachers could be seen working together to adapt to the “new normal” on Day One. It is something they will have to continue to do as the school year unfolds. Things have changed. Even the hall floors are different now, labeled with stickers to help students keep a safe distance from one another. “We have to make it as easy as possible for children to follow social distancing. The stickers help take the guesswork out for the students,” said Principal Tunia Sangster.

Face masks, the new items required for everyone entering our school buildings, proved to be a challenge for some students as they began the new school year. For others, they quickly became a stylish way to express allegiance to the school, a sports team or favorite cartoon character.

Procedures for social distancing and new safety guidelines require groups of students to remain together the entire day. Rather than the upper grades changing classrooms for different subjects, teachers came to the students who stayed in their homeroom. To avoid the congestion of the cafeteria and to limit the number of people in hallways, lunch carts were rolled to each classroom. Students enjoyed their lunch at their own desk.

The entire atmosphere at school was noticeably different the first day back. Hallways were exceptionally quiet for instance, except for the intermittent ‘psssst’ as maintenance staff sprayed cleaners and disinfectant on door handles and other frequently touched surfaces. Quiet hallways will be with us for a while.


Principal Tunia Sangster welcomes students back to Holy Family on the first day of classes.

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