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L.C. is fiercely independent despite his age and compromised health. His strong will and determination have helped him through a number of tragic physical ailments. The senior has survived thyroid and colon cancer and more recently, a stroke.

The variety of health challenges through the years have strained his already meager monthly income. Monthly visits to our food pantry help to stretch his dollars.

L.C. stopped by our Walls Social Service office. He was very distraught. He shared with our social worker, Sandra, that upon last inspection, his insurance adjuster had noticed the terrible state of his roof. He was told they would not reissue the insurance policy unless it was repaired. This, in turn, would cause the bank to recall his loan, leaving the elderly man homeless.

Home repairs can be a frightful burden for the elderly and disabled who live in poverty or on tiny fixed incomes. He knew that the leaks were there, but had no money to make repairs. It was all he could do to afford his medications and keep the lights on. In fact, he was just grateful to have a roof over his head—no matter the condition.

Decades of wear and tear had left the shingles on his roof in tatters. Water had been seeping in for some time, causing the decking to rot. Inside, several ceilings throughout the home had begun to sag.

One of our summer volunteer groups from Washington D.C., assisted our staff with the replacement of the roof. They were also able to repair the ceilings and paint.

As repairs neared completion, a staff member noticed a horseshoe hanging upside down next to L.C.’s house numbers. Jokingly, they pointed to it and asked the man, “Aren’t you afraid all of your luck will run out?”

Smiling, he quickly replied, “I must still have some—you all are here fixing my roof. This is a great day for me!”

Your gifts helped to rescue L.C. from a flood of potential disasters. It is through your compassionate support that he now has a solid, leak-free roof and ceilings. More importantly, he no longer has to worry about becoming homeless. Thank you!

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