A voice of compassion for people in need | Sacred Heart Southern Missions .A voice of compassion for people in need | Sacred Heart Southern Missions
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Jeri's Testimonial

William James once wrote, “The great use of life is to spend it on something that will outlast it” Our lives our made up of the people we love, the causes we serve, the work we do and the faith and values we embody. All these can be summed up as our “legacy”.

Jeri left behind a legacy of love and service. Born in Chicago, Jeri grew up in the throes of the Depression and World War II. After attending Purdue University she joined the Navy. While stationed in Florida she met her future husband Robert, a naval officer. Together they had four children. Life in the military took them to many far-flung places throughout the United States and the world - including Mississippi!

As Jeri’s daughter Teresa told us, “In 1968 the US Navy brought our family to Meridian, MS. We attended St. Patrick’s Church. My mother taught the first grade while we were there and all four of us attended St. Patrick’s. My Mom found Sacred Heart Southern Missions when we lived there. I can remember our class sewing stuffed animals for the children helped by the mission. We stuffed them with stocking seconds that my Mom found and had contributed by a local stocking company. She taught me, and many others, the importance of helping those in need. She was so dedicated to the work of Southern Missions she continued her support for over 50 years!

Jeri’s giving did not end there as she was kind enough to leave us a generous gift in her will. Truly a life well lived!

We would be extremely grateful if you too would consider remembering Sacred Heart Southern Missions in your estate plans. Please contact our Director of Donor Relations Steve Koepke at 888.217.4829 or via email at skoepke@shsm.org. We are truly grateful for your consideration, thank you!