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Accessibility improvements, weatherization and critical home repairs are essential to helping seniors, those with disabilities—and especially those suffering severe financial hardships, to stay in their homes. Through your generosity, our Volunteer Program staff, along with the willing hearts and hands of our volunteers are able to come to the aid of those so desperately in need.

Not long ago, we shared with you the story of Annie, who had been residing alone in her great-grandparents home in Tunica’s poorest neighborhood. She managed to scrape by on a tiny disability check and a few dollars in food stamps.Though saddled with a number of disabilities since birth, she has not given in to her challenges.

Asking for little more than a bag of food or some budgeting help occasionally, Annie has not requested many services from us. But that suddenly changed. While asleep in her bed, the pitter-patter sound of raindrops turned into a creeeeek— then a crash! The bedroom ceiling toppled in, and following it, a gush of water and insulation.

Glancing at the exterior, the house looked structurally sound until one noticed the missing shingles and exposed wood on the roof. Once inside, the home’s age and broken-down condition was apparent.

The wood decking was exposed on sections of the roof. That and the missing shingles caused leaks throughout house, letting in the heavy spring rains. In several places, the ceilings were caved in, including in Annie’s bedroom.

In the kitchen, the numerous leaks caused the cabinets to begin falling off the walls. The floors suffered from water damage. Vinyl tiles were loose--elsewhere the carpet was mildewed. There was no room in the house not damaged.

To make matters worse, a severe water leak under the house had caused other problems, including high water bills.

Annie’s meager means prevented her from making the most basic and essential repairs on her home. She reached out to Sacred Heart Southern Missions for help. “Her living situation was rough,” said our Volunteer Project Coordinator, Paul Smith, who inspected the home. “She really had issues.”

Over the past few months, through the incredible generosity of our donors and volunteers, we have been able to make Annie’s home livable again! The house has been reroofed, ceilings and floors replaced, the bathroom gutted, new cabinets installed, and plumbing repaired. Through community gift-in-kind, we have also been able to provide a few household items and linens as well.

When asked how she made it through those difficult days, Annie paused and looking up, she breathed her answer….”God.”

“He saw fit to have me go through trials. He brought me through them, and brought me to you,” Annie continued. “I thank God for Sacred Heart and for all those folks who helped me.”

On behalf of Annie, and all those whom your generosity serves…. Thank you!

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