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jameasrampJames' ramp

robertrampRobert's ramp

Lisaramp2Lisa testing out her new ramp

LisarampThe determined volunteers that built Lisa's ramp

For the poor and elderly disabled that we serve, navigating daily activities is never as simple as just getting up and going. For those in wheelchairs, planning for accessibility is a regular challenge.

To this end, we have a regular stream of requests for wheelchair ramps. They provide a measure of freedom and independence for our physically and financially distressed clients. If it were not for you--our generous donors and volunteers, constructing these ramps would not be possible.

Here are the stories of how the lives of three of our most recent wheelchair ramp recipients were changed:

James is an elderly diabetic. His disease has already claimed one leg. Doctors have also advised him that his other leg may need to be amputated in the near future. James has a wheelchair, but still manages to occasionally ‘hop’ around with the help of a cane. Though active and fiercely independent, maneuvering the steep steps of his home was simply out of the question. A wheelchair ramp has allowed James to keep his independence

Robert’s story is a little different. Major health challenges, including COPD, have robbed the elderly man of his mobility. Relegated to a wheelchair, Robert barely manages to navigate his small trailer home. He relies on the generosity of friends and neighbors to take him to doctors appointments and run errands. Robert’s difficulties are made even greater since he must be carried in and out of the trailer. Literally a prisoner in his own home, Robert could not make it past the threshold without assistance. A wheelchair ramp was his ticket to freedom.

Aundrelle opened her heart and home to her sister, Lisa, when she fell ill. Debilitating health problems have resulted in the removal of both of Lisa’s lower legs. She also requires dialysis three times per week. With limited use of her arms, it was difficult for Lisa to move about the house. It took two people to lift her through the front door and down the steps. Financially strapped Aundrelle had no money to make adjustments to the home. A wheelchair ramp and some interior doorway modifications have eased the stress of getting Lisa to her medical appointments and given Aundrelle’s sister her mobility back.

The lives of these three people were changed dramatically through the open hearts of our donors and willing hands of our volunteers.Through your generosity, they have regained comfort, safety and independence.

Looking ahead to the upcoming weeks, we have a full calendar of visiting volunteers arriving to help us construct more wheelchair ramps and other repair projects. These volunteer groups will partner with you and our staff to make a difference in the lives of the poor, elderly and disabled throughout the remaining days of summer.

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