Local Volunteers Put Faith In Action

Meet Ms. B.

Ms. B had known there was a leak under her refrigerator but she thought it was in the ice machine plumbing line under the home. It was not until the floor underneath the fridge started to sag and become ‘spongy’ that she became alarmed. That's when she came to the attention of Sacred Heart Southern Missions.

We worked in collaboration with a local church group who had many skilled volunteers available for this project. When the rehab crew arrived and inspected the situation, it was found that the leak was far greater than anticipated and had caused extensive damage to the floor, subfloor and piers under the home.

The Repairs:

  • A four-foot section of the kitchen floor was removed.
  • The floor joists were then scabbed together for reinforcement
  • A new sub floor and plywood were put down.
  • There were seven layers of linoleum in the kitchen, one atop the other. All of them were removed and a new vinyl floor was laid.

As a surprise for Ms. B, her kitchen was painted a sunny yellow and a new refrigerator was purchased.

The kitchen was not all that was refurbished. The team also took care of several of Ms. B’s exterior concerns. The handicap ramp and front porch were given a fresh coat of non-skid paint and several instances of rotten wood were replaced.

“They have all been so wonderful, so nice,” said Ms. B with a wide grin. “They have taken care of so many things—and the kitchen paint and refrigerator—such a wonderful blessing!”

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