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Savings Program Provides Opportunities


The 4M Program (Money Making More Money) made more than just the dream of owning a car a reality for one Tunica Social Services client. It opened the door to a new career path. 4M is the cash match savings program sponsored by Sacred Heart Southern Missions.

“Janis” is a former Project Good Mother student. Now in her twenties, she exhibited the same tenacity that she did when she came to Good Mother. Familiar with the education and assistance programs that Tunica Social Services offered, Janis knew that the 4M Savings program would be beneficial to her in the long run, so she signed up.

She didn’t know what she was going to save up to purchase. Maybe a house? Something for her child? It didn’t matter. Time would provide the answer. Every month, for the next three years, Janis tucked away twenty dollars. Her job at one of the casinos provided a living, but saving wasn’t easy, especially with a young mouth to feed. Still, Janis persisted.

Over the years, Janis contemplated the career field that she wanted to pursue and eventually decided on nursing. She would have to have a reliable automobile to get to nursing school, which was located in Memphis. Her years of saving opened the door to making that large purchase. The 4M staff presented Janis with lots of informative articles, discussing all the possibilities. A certified auto dealer walked her through the purchasing process and she was thrilled to drive off in her new vehicle.

Janis is thrilled with her car, and even more so to be able to work toward her degree in nursing.

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