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I need a Sacred Heart Spiritual Society folder. Please enroll the person I name and send the blank folder I choose. I will inscribe the folder myself.

I want Sacred Heart Spiritual Society to enroll the person I name and inscribe the person's name in a Burgundy Folder.

I do not want to enroll someone at this time, but I would like to have a folder on hand. 

Enrollment Only

A Sacred Heart Spiritual Society folder is not needed. Enroll Only. *No Gift Required

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Sacred Heart Spiritual Society

Man praying at alterThe death of a loved one is never easy. It is often hard to know the right words or acts of kindness that will bring comfort to a friend or relative who has just lost a spouse, a parent or child. Our words can seem so inadequate, our acts of kindness so insignificant. The gift of prayer is an appropriate gift for almost any occasion, but it is an especially important gift to those who mourn the loss of a loved one.

You can order any of the following folders to be sent to you. A space is provided for you to inscribe the deceased person’s name to send the folder to the grieving family member or friend.


If you choose to order the Burgundy folder, you can either have it sent to you for inscription or send us the name of the person who has died together with the mailing address of the grieving family or friend. Sacred Heart League production staff will then send the folder directly to the family with a handwritten inscription. This service is special to the Burgundy folder only.