Project: Good Mother Graduates Another Class

After 15 weeks, it was time for the second Project Good Mother graduation of 2014. Project Good Mother is designed to help expectant and parent teenagers recognize the gift of goodness that is within them, to take responsibility for their lives and that of their children and to become mature parents who will care for their children lovingly. The three-part program covers what the young mother can expect during pregnancy, how to care for an infant and part three provides the skills necessary to parent little ones through early childhood.

Sr. Nancy noted that the girls were older in this class. Encouraged, she said, “This was one of our older classes. There were no students under 16!”

The final class members were filled with excitement and anticipation. The girls couldn’t wait to get finished with their last questionnaires. After the paperwork was complete, they moved on to an art project. As in several of the last December classes, the teens made Christmas stockings for their babies. The mothers-to-be chose between the green or red socks and added glitter and glue, stars and other embellishments to transform the felt stockings into works of love for the coming bundles of joy. As the stockings dried, the graduates were treated to a baby shower game.

After a quick break to clean the room, Barbara and Sr. Nancy brought in festive tablecloths, plates and napkins. Then Sr. Gus announced, “Pizza is here!”

The girls enjoyed pizza, soda and a special baby shower cake to celebrate the occasion.

Barbara and Sr. Nancy had prepared certificates for each mom-to-be. Each was called to the front of the class for their presentation and photo-op. In addition, each of the graduates also received a brand new car-seat, blanket and a diaper bag filled with diapers, clothes, bottles and other necessities. You could tell that the girls were more than pleased with their graduation gifts. Several of them would be using them in just a matter of days. Two young mothers were recognized for their perfect attendance and received special gifts for their efforts.

A chapter closed and another is soon to open for these teens. Project Good Mother has prepared them well for the days to come.

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