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Cultivating Young Minds


Amy plants a turnip.

There are many reasons why the students at Sacred Heart School in Southaven, Mississippi, love to learn. Most have to do with involving students in what they’re learning. Take Science, for example. As spring approaches, students dig into Botany and Ecology outside, thanks to you.

In early spring, Sister Margaret Sue and her students go outside to the school’s courtyard. The school building wraps around the courtyard. A flag stands at the center of the courtyard. It’s surrounded by eight raised beds, placed in the shape of a flower. Throughout the courtyard, Sister Margaret Sue and her students get their hands dirty planting and maintaining ornamentals like Crepe Myrtles, Iris, Daffodils, sunflowers and more to beautify school grounds. In the raised beds, they also plant herbs, vegetables, and fruit like lavender, rosemary, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, strawberries, spinach, cauliflower, melons and more. As the plants grow, their color and fragrance nourish the students with beauty. When the plants are ready, students harvest them for the table.


Sr. Margaret Sue checks the growth of various plants.

“They love to watch the plants grow and get even more excited when it’s time to harvest,” Sister Margaret Sue explained. Vigorous exercise, healthy eating, thoughtful stewardship and love for learning are offered to elementary school students in northern Mississippi at Sacred Heart School and Holy Family School, both supported by Sacred Heart Southern Missions thanks to your generosity. Thank you for making this possible.

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