One Man's Trash...

The Gift in Kind department has received quite an uptick in donations. After putting the word out about needs in the area, we’ve received a tremendous response from the local community. You never know what you’re going to get. We’ve received everything from beds and dressers to appliances and couches, and everything else in between. In addition to individual donors, we have partnered with two local retailers to receive home goods and all manner of building materials. All of this is much to the delight of needy families in our service area.

Through all of these wonderful gifts, we have been able to make such a difference:

  • A stove and refrigerator were delivered to a woman in Tate County who kept everything frozen because the fridge didn’t work and whose stove caught fire, rendering it useless.
  • A cancer patient in Holly Springs who was no longer able to sleep in his own bed and whose apartment was infested with bedbugs received help.
  • He requested a comfortable couch, which we were able to provide, along with some other home accessories to make his situation more livable.
  • An elderly lady on a fixed income who moved to Walls from Clarksdale after losing everything in her apartment to bedbugs, received an apartment full of furniture, dishes, lamps and bedding, to make life for her and her son and daughter-in-law a little better.
  • A disabled couple whose home burned to the ground was able to move into a new rental unit and we were able to furnish it with all they needed.
  • A lady in Olive Branch needed beds for her three children, which we were able to provide.
  • A woman in Tunica whose home was ransacked and walls stripped down to the studs by vandals has received repairs, made possible in large part by donations of building materials. Because of generous donations of furniture and household items, we will be able to give her back not just a house, but a home.
  • Six clients without beds were given not only the beds, but also P pillows, sheets and comforter sets.
  • A young mother with three children, all under the age of 8, was homeless, without any more than the clothes on her back. After finding work and saving enough to move in an apartment, we were able to furnish that apartment with everything she and her three boys needed. A load of furniture, including a couch, television, lamps, beds, table and chairs, was delivered, complete with such necessities as dishes, bedding, cookware and more!

These are but a few recent recipients of these generous donations in recent weeks. The Gift in Kind area has been filled and emptied many times during the past few months. Just when you think there won’t be enough gifts to provide for anyone, through God’s grace the area is filled again, ready to meet the needs of families in distress.

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