Six Sad Years...

In 2013, 25.1% of Mississippians report not having enough money to buy the food they or their families needed. That rate is higher than anywhere else in the nation. Sadly, this statistic is all too familiar. It’s a stubborn trend that has lasted for six straight years.

Across five counties in northern Mississippi, over 3,000 women, men and children come to Sacred Heart Southern Missions Food Pantries seeking emergency food supplies each month. In their gratitude, they share how they’ve suffered until you heard their cries and helped.

“I had to miss meals this month to make rent.”

“We had to choose between my wife’s epilepsy treatments or food.”

One of the largest local businesses in our area just announced unexpectedly they are closing.1,300 people in our area will lose their jobs!We expect a much higher than normal demand on our food resources as a result. Given recent developments, the challenge to meet growing needs continues to rise. You make the difference.

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