You gave Marvin freedom


Marvin legs were amputated… when they got him home from hospital he had to be carried in the house—then it would be TEN YEARS before he was able to go outside again. His frail wife didn’t have the strength or the assistance to get him in and out of their trailer home, much less down the dozen steep steps. Poverty affects people in various ways. It took his freedom…

After years of being cooped up inside his home, he’s free again. The wheelchair ramp Sacred Heart Southern Missions volunteers installed with your help was his way outside. You helped supply the pressure-treated lumber and other materials used to build the ramp. This was no small feat, as Marvin’s a large man. To support him and make his passage easier, three landings were incorporated into the ramp.

Now he spends nearly every waking hour outside, holding court with friends, answering all of the problems of the universe and telling fish stories, interrupted only by the passing cars he blesses with his smile and his heartfelt wave. God bless you for the difference you make in the lives of people like Marvin, who, if not for your generosity, would remain imprisoned within their own home. Thank you.

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