From Lemons to Lemon-Aid

A young boy and his mother entered the Sacred Heart Southern Missions Thrift Store recently and asked Store Manager Debra Stanford if cash donations were accepted. The two went on to explain that the young boy, Sam, had a lemonade stand and wanted to donate his profits to the Thrift Store.

"I accepted the donation, and thanked the little boy," said Debra. "The cup with the money was so small, I thought there might be a few dollars in it."

Much to everyone's surprise, the young man had done very well with his refereshment sales. there was a whopping $74.25 in the tiny little cup.

"He worked very hard to get that kind of money. I ran outside to snap a picture of him," Debra explained. "He couldn't have been more than 7 or 8 years old."

"And as quickly as he showed up, he was gone. One must wonder what moved Sam to spend hours in the hot sun, serving up cool drinks, only to give away all of his hard earned money. One thing is certain, charitable giving is a lesson that can be instilled in children year-round, and they are never too young to learn. Charitable involvement has been shown to raise self-esteem, develop social skills and encourage young people to appreciate their own lifestyle, not to mention the blessing of others!

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