St. Ignatius Volunteers Open Doors


Confined to a wheelchair, “Ms. D” could not get her chair through the interior doorways. The only way she could enjoy the company of her family was for them to come to her bedroom, or for her to exit the home, down a ramp, then re-enter through another door to the family room. To make matters worse, the wheelchair ramp emptied into her front yard where the grass and mud made for a very difficult trip.

The Ignatius group was able to come in and widen the interior doors so that Ms. D could easily maneuver throughout the house. Additionally, they created a landing path at the end of her wheelchair ramp so that she would not have to deal with the treachery of the yard on her excursions outside the home.

Volunteer Tucci was tasked with working in the crawl space under the home. Due to the uneven conditions, it was necessary to jack up sections of the floor to level it. He expressed his adversity to the less-than-grand workspace and said at first he really didn’t want to do it. “It was so wonderful to see this woman who was practically bedridden due to the condition of the home be able to see and connect with her family again,” exclaimed Tucci.

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