Your Giving Extends Our Outreach; Furnishings Find New Homes

Springing from your generous spirit, the love of the Sacred Heart often flows in from many directions to help the poor.

Casandra is 70 years old and chronically ill. Recently, as a result of a leaky roof on her rented trailer (since repaired), her bed was soaked from heavy summer rains so common in the Mississippi Delta. mold began to grow on her bed. Afflicted with a lung disorder, she was forced to sleep on her old living room couch.

Thanks to your gifts, our ministry has the resources to pick up all kinds of new and used furniture donations; delivering chairs, tables, sofas, beds, and other furnishings where they are needed most. In this case, to Cassandra's home.

When her new bed arrived, she was moved to tears to be able to once again get a good night's sleep on a real bed. Help like this lifts hearts and restores hope. Thank you for helping Casandra and countless others like her.

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