A voice of compassion for people in need | Sacred Heart Southern Missions .A voice of compassion for people in need | Sacred Heart Southern Missions

“Of course Father, I’d be happy to share that.”

I was recently speaking with Benedict from New York who has multiple annuities with us. When I asked him what was so attractive to him about charitable gift annuities he quickly reeled off a handful of advantages:

  1. The banks pay basically “nothing” now in terms of interest.
  2. He really liked having his annuity payments sent electronically to his checking account. That way he can use that money to help pay his bills.
  3. He wanted to do something while he was still alive to help the poor we serve.
  4. Perhaps most profoundly he shared, “I believe because I have done this God has richly blessed me.”

Rate of return. Convenience. Satisfaction. Fulfillment. All good reasons to consider a charitable gift annuity.

Our charitable gift annuity program has operated for over 40 years without missing a single payment. Our payout rates, which are based on your age, can provide a solid stream of income and may fit nicely into your retirement plans. One of the best features - you cannot outlive the payments! That’s right; we will pay you for as long as you live. You can fund one of our charitable gift annuities with an irrevocable gift of as little as $1,000.

For more information on our charitable gift annuity program, please Click Here. For a free, no obligation proposal contact Steve Koepke at 888.217.4829 or via email at skoepke@shsm.org.

Charitable gift annuities - a great way to help the vital work of Sacred Heart Southern Missions and create some value for yourself!

Charitable Gift Annuity