Volunteer Program In Full Swing

While working at a job site in Byhalia recently, volunteer coordinators found another deserving client just a few houses down. “Charlie” is 86 years old—and a cheerful soul. He spied a group of high school volunteers from Bishop Heelan Catholic School in Sioux City, Iowa working at his neighbor’s home, made his way over and asked if work could be done on his home as well.

Charlie lives alone. His home fell into disrepair after his wife passed away several years ago. He stayed mainly in the front room, where there was a heater and recliner, but also because his floors were in terrible shape. Not seeing well and walking with a cane, he simply couldn’t go into the other rooms. His meager income made repairs all but impossible; he barely has enough money to buy food. After Holly Springs Social Services completed their evaluation, Charlie was put on the repair roster.

When the Bishop Heelan group came in, they made quick work replacing the flooring. The before and after shots tell the story. Charlie could not have been more pleased. He is now able to “boldly go where he had not gone before”—well, at least not for a very long time.

“It was a pleasure being able to do work for Charlie. He is always in a good mood, and very thankful for what he has,” said one coordinator.

Charlie is in line for a few more fixes on the volunteer’s Spring/Summer calendar. Next on the list is his front and side porch. One of the next volunteer groups will tackle that project.

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