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A Novena of Masses will be offered for all fathers, living and deceased, beginning on Father’s Day, June 21. If you would like to have your father or another father remembered, please enroll her (them) today. This is a wonderful way to show our love for our fathers.

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We've Got You Covered

It was obvious that Celia's home was in very bad condition. There were gaping holes in the kitchen ceiling. Looking up, one could see blue sky... and that was only the beginning.

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UNF Ospreys’ Spring Break Adventure

From sandy beaches to mud puddles... a recent volunteer group shared a very rewarding experience during their Spring Break.

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Just Another Member of the Team

This is a heartwarming story of Matthew who found acceptance on the Sacred Heart School Flames basketball team.

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Our Hispanic Ministry

Sacred Heart Southern Missions is proud of our ever-growing Hispanic ministry in Walls, MS.

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The Sacred Heart Spiritual Society

The Sacred Heart?Spiritual Society is a perpetual Mass association.? Membership is granted, upon request, to any person, living or deceased.? The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered each day for the membership of the Spiritual Society.??

You can enroll for prayer and request a?beautiful presentation folder to to send to a loved one.?? ?

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The Sacred Heart Auto League Celebrates 60 Years

Since 1955, technology has improved our lives in many ways. In others, it has made traveling more difficult. Drivers encounter countless distractions.

By driving in prayerful awareness of God’s presence, our attitudes toward other drivers change.?Compassion and patience can replace annoyance, even road rage. The ordinary act of traveling turns into a time of grace and blessing that will improve safety on our highways, and the image of the Sacred Heart in your vehicle is a powerful reminder of the presence of God with us wherever we travel and is a source of blessing. It prompts us to be prayerful careful drivers, attentive to others on the road.

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